Nicole Claude, RN, Host MCNG Magazine, Publisher 

In his Documentary Film, Mr. Rinvil totally captured Haitians as we adjusted to our brand new immigrant lifestyle. Culture Clash dispels the myths as well as the many facets of our real struggles. I highly recommend that every Haitian descent will watch this educational docudrama. It depicts a true beginning for our first Haitian generation as we settle in this far away land of opportunity or la-bas. On the other hand, my two personal challenges were an extreme language barrier plus le mais moulin qui se degageait après my gym period while in High School.

Dr. Rahill, Guitele J.

University of South Florida, Culture Clash is replete with honest and tough truths that evoke authentic conversations among my Graduate students in social work about how ethnicity is lived in America. It tugs at the heart, reaching that place in the viewer that is at once vulnerable and resilient.

Carol Hope Grant,  Saint Leo University 

True to life. Despite the varied background of Caribbean immigrants, I found Culture Clash accurately portrayed the dilemma faced by second-generation Caribbean immigrants, because in spite of the differences in our languages, our upbringing is basically the same.

Claudia Pierre Phi Beta Lambda Secretary 

Culture Clash really hit home for me as an Haitian-American young adult living in the United States. If I could describe it in one word it would be realistic.

Maxy Dorvilus

Culture Clash is a powerful motion picture that truly describes the adjustment of the Haitian lifestyle in modern day America.

Carolyn Thomas

Although, I was born and raised in Queens, NT in a Trinidadian household as the only American born I only knew of the American (Black/White) culture from television. This is first piece that I've seen that addresses the experience of the first generation of Carribean Americans (yes, Carribean first).



CULTURE CLASH features how well young people meld into their new America identity and what contributions Caribbean American make to American society. Second-generation children often come into conflict with their immigrant parents because they adopt more of American culture and break away from the traditions of their parents.

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Culture Clash is in English and is available in the full 56-minute as a DVD with a public performance license or as a digital stream for universities, colleges, nonprofit groups and libraries in the USA and Canada through our educational distributor JRR Studios, LLC.

You can rent, purchase a digital copy or a DVD of Culture Clash.